“A sequel in the guise of a, decidedly unPC, relentlessly gory and violent thriller, which turns the entire tone, premise, and spirit of the original film completely on its head, thoroughly ruining Christmas for fans of the original wholesome classic forever, is one that is outright brilliant.”

– Blacklist Review


Immediately following the events of White Christmas, the Haynes Sisters, who fled to Vermont from Florida after a dispute with their landlord, find themselves facing the consequences of running away from a shrewd gangster.  Wallace and Davis devise a plan to flee again while General Waverly, dreaming of army action, relishes the chance to fight once more.


The Haynes Sisters

Singer sisters wanted in Florida for ruining property of the Landlord, they fled to Vermont with Wallace & Davis.

Wallace & Davis

Friends from the Army that became a world-reknown two-man show. They helped the Haynes Sisters escape and later fell in love with them.

General Waverly

A retired general who opened an hotel in Vermont, where Wallace, Davis, and the Haynes Sisters arrived.  He dreams of being back in the army.

The Landlord

A shrewd businessman with ties to mobsters who feels wronged by the Haynes Sisters. After learning of their arrival in Vermont, he seeks justice.



This spec script was inspired by a storyline which the original movie completely dropped in the first act: the Landlord seeking to have the Haynes Sisters arrested for destroying property.

I fear I will never acquire the sequel rights or the funding to produce it.  Given this, I am putting it out there as my Christmas gift to the world. Enjoy!

(That being said, feel free to tweet @ParamountPics and tell them you want to see this made. Thanks)


If you’ve enjoyed this screenplay…

Without the rights, I can’t make any money from this. However, feel free to buy me a coffee!  Thank you and Merry Christmas!